You’ve got this…

...and we’ve got you. Here’s the deal: give us a few months, and we’ll help you change your life for the better.

How we’ll help you

  • When you’re stuck in a hole it’s not easy to find the way out. Whatever’s got you stuck SOFEA can help.
  • We can unlock talent.
  • We can build your confidence.
  • We’ll help put you on a good path – and help you stick to it.

What you get

  • Education (that’s not like any education you’ve had before)
  • Skills and qualifications that can help you find work
  • Lots of support to help you become more confident and build your self-esteem
  • Practical experience on our Purpose Projects (where you’ll be doing brilliant things for your community)
  • Friendship
  • A chance to live your best life

What you give

We’ll help you in all sorts of ways and we won’t ask for much in return – just this:

  • Show up (in mind as well as in body!)
  • Get stuck in with an open mind
  • Set goals for yourself (we’ll help you) and give 100% to achieve them
  • Bring your A game every day
Teacher and Learner, young person Hugo
Young People

What will you learn?

Learning with SOFEA feels different.

Young People

It feels good to do good

Working on our Purpose Projects doesn’t just help you build skills and confidence.

  • You help feed local families that need our help
  • You help build a better community
  • You help prevent lots of food waste from going to landfill
Young People

This will change your life

When their time with us is over, the people who leave SOFEA are very different to the ones who first walked through our door. They’ve learnt to cope with life, with relationships and with money. They’ve gained qualifications they never dreamed they would get, and had experiences they never thought they would enjoy. They speak up. They get involved. They’ve grown. You’ll grow too. And here’s the proof…

Let’s talk

We know it’s not easy to commit to things like this. But since we started, we’ve helped hundreds of people – many of them in similar situations to yours.

Come and see us (you’ll be made really welcome) and let’s have a chat.


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