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Here’s the deal: give us a few months, and we’ll help you change your life for the better.

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Real skills. Real qualifications. Real GCSEs (even if you didn’t get them the first time round). And 90% of the people who study with us pass.

Young People

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At SOFEA, you don’t just collect new skills and experience. You use them to make a difference to people who need our help.

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Young People

Can SOFEA help my child?

Yes. Every year, we help more than 150 young people thrive by giving them skills, qualifications and confidence in an environment designed to get the best out of them.

To get support for your child, show this site to your school, social worker or health team or get in touch directly.

You can see the change we make

Lots of the people who come to SOFEA have mental health or physical needs. Some have problems with drink or drugs. Some have seen parental mental health issues, substance abuse and domestic violence up close. They may be traumatised, and that results in long-term emotional issues, disruptive behaviour, chronic anxiety and depression.

SOFEA helps them. Through study, work and a focus on wellbeing, we build confidence. We instil empathy, respect and trust. We give them the tools to own their own positive change.

If you could see the difference between the time our young people arrive with us and the point they leave, you’d want to help. Please do.

Wellbeing and Life Skills are an important part of what SOFEA provide the young people walk through our doors. Purpose projects such as the Woodlands Project run through Summer and also forms part of our Education Time Table is just one of the ways we go the extra mile.

Watch this short video to see for yourselves.

Young People learning lifeskills at the SOFEA Woodlands Project

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