I love my community, I like to see everybody happy and talking, I like to help everybody in the community.


Volunteer, Moorlands Community Larder

I volunteer because I like to help people and engage with all the community. It makes my day to see people who might not see anybody else and it also makes their day! It makes me feel good to know that I am helping out in the community.


Volunteer, Moorlands Community Larder

I volunteer because without volunteers none of this would be possible, it makes me feel part of and that I am doing something for my community.


Volunteer, Moorlands Community Larder

I love volunteering it gives me a sense of giving something back to the community and meeting lots of people that come through the doors every week.


Didcot Community Larder Volunteer

Thank you so much for sending us the beautiful flowers yesterday. It made our day being able to hand them out to everyone. All our members were over the moon to receive them, two elderly men in particular!


Since being made redundant I’m not quite sure where we, as a family, would be right now without the Larder. It enables us to still put hot meals on the table for all of us, and we have been far more experimental with food than ever before. Thank you for allowing us to retain our dignity.

Member A

Going to my Larder each Tuesday is the highlight of my week. I live alone and during lockdown the only people I see are my larder family members. Everyone is friendly and kind and always ready to help me if I`m struggling.  I love my Larder.

Member B

My wife has been very poorly for the past few months with a non-related COVID-19 illness. We have always been very traditional where she did all the cooking. Now I am being furloughed we have had to look at where we can save and the answer is – use the Larder. Even I can cook now which I never saw coming!

Member C

I have suffered for many years with anxiety and depression and during lockdown No.1 my life was very wobbly with no direction or structure. When I heard about the Larder, I decided to give it a go, and now almost six months later my life has a focus and I really look forward to spending time at the Larder helping others to help themselves. It’s not just about what I can do for others but as importantly what the Larder has done for me. Long may it continue as I have found a niche that accepts me for who I am in a non-judgmental way.

Volunteer A

The Larder has very quickly become the catalyst that allows us to help our members in many other ways. It is the first step towards breaking the cycle of dependency that has become far more apparent since COVID-19. We are not there just to co-ordinate food collection but assisting members to set up bank accounts, helping potential members to set up their memberships, signposting to many other agencies and services.

Staff Member A

The Larder has witnessed old friendships being re-kindled and new friendships being established, as well as residents who are classed as “socially isolated” joining the larder and reaping benefits in so many ways. In fact, the diversity of the Larder is phenomenal when looking at the ages, cultures, backgrounds, and family dynamics. By far the easiest way to engage with the whole of our community.

Staff Member B

I am a carer for my disabled husband, life is very lonely. Each week I help out at my larder and run the café. I feel like I have a purpose and that I am more than a wife and a carer. People talk to me and I can tell them about me.