Education Mentor

What drew you to SOFEA?

SOFEA’s environment and openness drew me in, I recognised that space was being made for me to be myself.

What barriers has SOFEA helped you overcome?

SOFEA has helped me overcome some of my self esteem issues, issues I have had in the past to do with processing my emotions and trauma. It has also given me confidence and the ability to articulate my emotions in a proper manner.

How has working here changed your life?

To put it bluntly, working here has saved my life. If I wasn’t here I would be at home sat in my room doing nothing as a NEET.

What has this place taught you that you didn’t know before?

SOFEA had taught me that my feelings and thoughts have meaning and are valid. I have learned that what I went through was real and was traumatic and should be addressed as such.

How has life changed for you?

Life has changed for me in every aspect and possibility. I don’t shut off my emotions anymore, I think more clearly and I have and still are learning how to process my stuff and help others do the same.