Certificates and Diplomas

There are different sizes and different levels, depending on what you need. Most of the qualification involves putting a portfolio together to demonstrate your ability.

    • Personal Development and Employability (from entry level to level 2)
    • Warehousing and Storage (level 1 or 2)
    • Team Leadership (level 2 leading on to our apprenticeship programme)

If you need to improve your functional skills then these courses are designed to give you a great chance to improve these vital skills:

    • Maths – up to and including GCSE
    • English – up to and including GCSE

These courses are always in small groups, with support. You will surprise yourself that you can do what you previously thought you could not.


If you want to go into warehousing and storage/logistics we can also offer specialist training.

    • Forklift training
    • Food hygiene
    • First Aid
    • Manual Handling

Usually a programme would consist of Maths, English, a certificate and/or real work experience.  We design programmes to fit the needs of each young person regardless of ability or previous qualification level.  Programmes usually run for three days per week.

We believe that getting ready for work is one ingredient for a successful future, but there’s more to life than that, so we also run:

    • Functional fitness classes with an MMA champion
    • Arts and Creative Media workshops
    • Personal Development Programmes
    • Trips and visits

Leadership and Apprenticeships

Last year 7 young people who were on our programmes returned for a second year, they studied a level 2 qualification in Team Leading.  In their second year they took more responsibility for the running of SOFEA and now routinely manage the operation on a day to day basis. And, since 2014 we have created four apprenticeships!

We are committed to creating as many opportunities for you to develop and progress as we possibly can.