If you are over 16 and need support, we have several programmes that can help.

SOFEA Sessions Podcast

SOFEA SESSIONS is a podcast focused on inspiring people through the sharing lived experience of mental health and wellbeing, aiming to re-shape the environment with innovative ideas and approaches. Delivered to you by SOFEA charity, SOFEA SESSIONS is a platform that empowers people to talk, to reduce stigma, help people relate to the episodes and feel less alone in their issues, in the hope that listeners and guest speakers can deepen the connections to themselves and their communities.


Click here to listen on your favourite podcast station: https://sofeasessions.podbean.com/

Autism Advocacy Group

SOFEA’s Autism Advocacy Group: a youth voice network for the Autistic young people to share their experiences, connect with other young people and use their voice to influence and shape policy.

CAHMS Community Outreach Work

At SOFEA we are proud to work in partnership with Response and Oxford Health NHS Trust to provide Child and Adolescent Mental Health support for young people within the local community. Oxford Health’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and the OSCA (outreach service for children and adolescents) are changing the way they work, to continue improving the mental health services provided to young people. At SOFEA, we offer mental health and wellbeing support to young people through our CAMHS Community In-Reach contract. Our Community Out-Reach Worker Chloe Brown uses CBT, DBT holistic and conversational approaches to support young people aged 11-17. By combining these approaches with the work SOFEA already does to support people’s mental health, we aim to reach more people within the local community, make our services more accessible and help young people become more resilient and confident in overcoming the adversities of life.


To access this service, all young people must be referred through the  single point of access. You can access this services by calling 01865 902 515 during normal working hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Or follow this link: https://www.oxfordhealth.nhs.uk/camhs/oxon/osca/

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing, also sometimes known as community referral, is a growing movement connecting people with a wide range of non-clinical programmes, services and support in their local community. This service is offered by SOFEA’s Link Workers Selina and Theresa who work with the Didcot PCN.

Social Prescribing offers huge advantages to both patients and health professionals by freeing up more time for them to spend with other patients whose problems are more specifically medical, whilst the Social Prescriber Link Worker takes the time to get to know and understand the needs of their patient with a view to offering the support they need.

Social prescribing improves outcomes for people by giving more choice and control over their lives and an improved sense of belonging.

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