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Food Surplus

This year, we’ve redistributed hundreds of tonnes of food to over 150 local organisations. With your help, we can do even more.

This food nourishes

It’s not just community groups we support with free food. It’s not just the people who desperately need the meals created with that food. Every can of beans, loaf of bread and bunch of bananas we supply is another opportunity for a young person to build work and personal skills that will benefit them for life. On behalf of us all, thanks for your support.

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Purpose Projects

We need your surplus food

It’s not Waste to us. If you’re a food manufacturer, producer or distributor, your surplus could make a huge difference to the people we help in your local community.

Could you help us?

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Purpose Projects

Ask for our help – and save

Become a SOFEA Community Food Member (CFM) and tap into tonnes of food to support your community. This year, we’re actively looking to support 50 more local organisations – make yours one of them.

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Purpose Projects

Hello, partner…

We’re always eager to meet organisations whose work complements our own (or vice versa). From food producers wanting to share their surpluses to food waste, recycling, logistics and advertising, if there’s a way your goals could dovetail with ours, we’d love to explore opportunities with you.

Volunteer with us

Our volunteers are essential to  SOFEA. They’re on the warehouse floor helping us pick and pack. They are supporting our young people. They’re bringing their skills in driving, management, logistics, marketing and more to our work – and they are making an enormous difference.

Discover the difference you could make.

You did this…

During the height of the first pandemic lockdown, 60% of the food supplied to local groups in the areas we cover was supplied by SOFEA. And every day, we’re working to do more. Your financial support is essential to helping us continue our work.

Spotted our vans?

SOFEA supports local community groups, providing free food to them so they can help the people in your area. But that’s far from all we do. Discover more about our work – and how you can support us.

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