Food Surplus

It’s surplus to you. It’s vital to the people we support

When you’re a proud food producer, you won’t like to see any of it going to waste. SOFEA not only wants to take surplus food off your hands; but redistribute it to organisations that help disadvantaged people in your community.

That might be all you need to know to get involved…

…but when you share your surplus with us you also:

  • Cut the amount of waste you produce
  • Cut the cost of managing it
  • Bring your commitment to CSR to life
  • Create powerful PR stories
  • Get your staff involved in doing good

What do we take?

Wheeled refuse container crossed out

We don’t take waste. But we do take surplus (that you might think of as waste). If you have any, we’d love to discuss taking it from you.

Who do we want surplus from?

Any food producer, manufacturer, distributor or supplier in our local area, including:

Plastic milk carton





Farms & farm shops

Food production and processing companies

Independent retailers

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Doesn’t SOFEA get all it needs from FareShare?

Our partnership with FareShare is what enables SOFEA to operate at scale. Every day, we rely on the surplus food FareShare sources from the major supermarkets to help supply our community food groups.

But new groups are asking us for help all the time, so we need to build our own pool of generous suppliers, and we want to fill any ‘food gaps’ we have. What better way to do it than with food that’s locally grown, sourced, produced or distributed?

Want to help?

We promise we’ll make this easy. To discuss your food surplus please get in touch with