How does this work?

You give us £3.50 a week. We give you access to on average £12–15 of food each week plus so much more!

Your questions

How can I access food from my local larder?

To get food from a SOFEA community larder and access all the other help and support available you need to be a member.

How much does that cost? A one-off £10 joining fee, plus your weekly subscription.

How much food can I collect?

Each week, you can choose up to 14 items of food from our shelves for a small, fixed amount – averaging £12–£15 worth, so you always know how much your food bill will be.

How much does that cost? From £3.50 per week

How much could I save?

Visit us every week and you could save up to £400 every year on your food bill alone. And that’s before any additional benefits of membership.

Can I choose my food?

Yes! Choice is important! We look like your regular local store and our larders are stocked in just the same way. You choose what you want.

Who can become a member?

Anyone. Whatever your income. Whatever your reasons for joining – people visit us for all sorts of reasons – you’ll be welcome.

How else can membership benefit me?

There’s much more to your community larder than food. Discover more of what’s available…