Order with us and you will save money every week

If your organisation supports the local community with food, SOFEA can support you to do more

How does this work?

  • To receive food from SOFEA, you need to become a Community Food Member (CFM).
  • For a monthly subscription (which covers the cost of sourcing, distribution, admin etc) we deliver the food you select from our online stock list. Please note you won’t be guaranteed to receive everything you request.
  • The more you request (in weight) the higher the regular subscription – but you’ll always save money by working with us. On average, the groups that buy with us save £152 every week!

How much do you need to order?

50kg per week is our lowest subscriber tier, but there’s no upper limit. Some of our largest CFMs are ordering several tonnes of food every week.

Who do we support?

If you are a not-for-profit and/or community organisation supplying food or producing meals for people in your local area, we can support you. Examples of groups we support include:

  • Care home caterers
  • School cafes
  • Community centre kitchens
  • Religious groups
  • Lunch groups
  • Community fridges
  • Community larders

Where does the food come from?

SOFEA is the local FareShare distributor, so much of the food we supply comes from the big supermarkets. But we also work with local producers, suppliers and distributors to ensure that more local surplus produce finds its way into your food.

The standards you’d expect

All the food we handle complies fully with all HACCP regulations, and is fully traceable. We adhere to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, and ask that organisations receiving food from us do the same.

To find out more, contact:

grant@sofea.uk.com- Thames Valley.

sam.h@sofea.uk.com- South Midlands.

Please note both sites are currently operating a waiting list to sign up due to increased demand.