Pay Statement

SOFEA is a rapidly growing charity, its staff have a wide variety of skills and experience, which is necessary to fulfil our complex mission.

One of the key elements of our programme is to provide a route into employment for people (especially young people) who are marginalised in the labour market. To do so requires that we employ many young people on their first steps into work.

The benefits of this are enormous to them and to the mission of SOFEA.

Factors the Board considers when making decisions on pay and remuneration:

  • A commitment to pay the Real Living Wage to all staff (as determined from time to time by the Living Wage Foundation; a Citizens UK charity number 1107264 initiative) except for government programmes where there is a value exchange beyond salary – for example, Apprenticeships and Kickstart
  • An aspiration to pay any relevant local government recognised rate, where it is higher than the Real Living Wage (for example the Oxford Living Wage as determined by Oxford City Council), to all staff
  • The purpose aims and values of the charity and its general needs
  • How any decision might impact on the overall pay policy for all staff, especially where a ‘remuneration ratio’ is in place
  • The type of skills, experience, competences to meet the charity needs
  • A significant increase in responsibilities or major change in job description
  • The charity’s current strategic plan and how this might affect future needs
  • The charity’s ability to pay, now and in the future
  • An assessment of the individual’s performance against expectations, where possible with clear evidence and targets
  • Appropriate available information on pay levels in other commercial businesses and charities relative to size, budgets, responsibilities
  • The nature of the wider ‘employment offer’ where pay is only one part of the package (this might include additional benefits or less material factors such as work-life balance, flexibility, less pressure, etc
  • The charity’s track record in recruiting and retaining high-performing staff
  • The likely impact of any decision on the public reputation of the charity

In 2022/23 the lowest paid member of staff will be paid above the Oxford Living Wage of £10.50 an hour.


Remuneration Ratio 

The charity has a commitment to uphold a ‘remuneration ratio’ of 5:1 between the highest and lowest paid full-time members of staff.


The current ratios for 2022/23 are:

 CEO to 1st percentile (lowest paid): 3.2: 1

CEO to median: 2.75: 1

CEO to 90th percentile (highest 10%): 1.5: 1


The ratios for 2020/21 were:

CEO to 1st percentile (lowest paid): 3.1: 1

CEO to median: 3.1: 1

CEO to 90th percentile (highest 10%): 1.5: 1


Gender Pay difference

Percentage of Employees in each Pay Band 2022

Percentage of Employees in each Pay Band 2021

Average Hourly Pay Rate 2022

Average Hourly Pay Rate 2021

Average Total Pay 2022

Average Total Pay 2021

In 2022/23 the lowest paid member of SOFEA staff will be paid £10.72 per hour, 22p per hour above the Oxford Living Wage.