Nourish and Flourish

‘Nourish and Flourish’ is a SOFEA programme initiated in partnership with the Didcot Primary Care Network (PCN). Nourish and Flourish aims to develop free nutritional support within the community.
Improving diet and understanding our nutritional needs is crucial for long term health. The Nourish and Flourish programme aims to provide support for individuals to improve their health and wellbeing and to generate opportunities for preventative support with young people and the wider community.
This programme is currently running as a pilot in Didcot.

The developing Nourish and Flourish programme currently encompasses 3 key components:

Nutritional Therapy Clinic: Improving an understanding our nutritional needs is crucial for long term health.  Kerry Lock, Nourish and Flourish Programme Manager and Nutritional Therapist, provides one to one nutritional therapy support – working in partnership with the Didcot Primary Care Network. Patients are referred directly by GP’s, Diabetic nurses, and Social Prescribers to improve their health and wellbeing.  

Nourish and Flourish School Programme: The programme focusses on providing preventative support for young people. Integrating nutrition within the primary curriculum (for year 5) including Maths, Biology, Geography and History.  Providing teachers with the lesson plans, slide decks and activity resources. Students are given an opportunity to learn to cook with surplus food. The SOFEA whole system approach is used to support the school community. The initial pilot rolled out in Didcot with 180 students across 3 schools in 2022 – followed by a pilot expansion in 2023, encompassing 8 schools and 455 students. Our aspiration is ultimately to source funding to support a national roll out of the school programme and expand to engage different year groups.  

Nourish and Flourish Kitchen: SOFEA’s new kitchen built between summer & autumn 2023 offers a fantastic professional spec kitchen to provision education & enhanced employability opportunities for SOFEA students – instilling lifelong cooking skills. The Nourish and Flourish kitchen will also focus on developing opportunities for the wider community to learn cooking skills & gain access to recipes. Whilst providing combined cooking and nutritional support opportunities for a range of groups – including patients coming through the Nourish and Flourish Nutritional Therapy Clinic.