We believe there is strength in numbers. Partnering with organisations that share our values and goals makes us stronger. A solid network allows best practice and idea sharing, exciting new projects and innovative problem solving, as we work together to support the most vulnerable members of our community


FareShare UK sources food and provides our compliance framework as we operate FareShare Thames Valley and FareShare South Midlands to provide high quality surplus food to more than 150 organisations.

Activate is one of the largest Further Education groups in the country. They share our commitment to the fundamentals of great education as well as our understanding that a traditional College setting does not suit everyone.

Oxford Health and Response direct young people with mental health needs to us for support through their Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).


At SOFEA we meet a lot of people who, often with other barriers, suffer from poor mental health. Frequently these mental health issues prevent individuals from progressing back to the labour market. In some cases, specialist help is required that we cannot provide as we are not clinicians.

Often, however, we find people suffering from low-level anxiety or depression, panic attacks and stress. We have had a great deal of success in combining a number of initiatives and interventions that are well known to have beneficial effects on mental health.

Offering the routine of work experience, the self-esteem building of work with purpose, aspects of our education programme and one-to-one therapeutic interventions, we have seen remarkable changes leading to people reentering the labour market for the first time in a long time.

This is why we have become part of the innovative CAMHS programme, commissioned by Oxford Health on behalf of the NHS Foundation Trust. Through their partners, Response, Oxford Health have contracted with SOFEA to provide a ‘Community In Reach Worker’, specifically to provide early intervention to young people aged up to 18 over a period of 12 weeks.


Our partners in providing appropriate education opportunities at SOFEA for young people who struggle in mainstream school. Students are welcome a few days a week to take part in work experience, mental health and educational support programmes. These include St Birinus, King Alfreds, Didcot Girls’, Oxfordshire Virtual School, Fitzharrys, LVS, MacIntyre, Woodeaton, Iffley Academy, Wallingford, UTC Oxfordshire and Langtree School.

Independent schools

We provide volunteer work experience opportunities for Cokethorpe, Radley, St Helen’s and St Katherine’s and Shiplake


Partnerships also mean memberships for SOFEA, where we collaborate with local like-minded groups to find new ways to solve common problems. We are proud members of:

Oxfordshire Skills Board and OxLEP: working to achieve improvements in the skills and abilities available to employers and the learning opportunities available to young people

Oxfordshire Business First, Oxfordshire Charity Leaders and ROBIN network: business and public sector professionals sharing best practice and resources to and explore creative solutions for promoting entrepreneurship, facilitating business innovation, and campaigning for 21st century technological infrastructure

Other organization in our network: Oxfordshire Community Foundation, Oxfordshire Community First, Oxfordshire Youth, Aspire, Yellow Submarine, Synolos, RAW Workshop, Response, Didcot Train, Oxford Wood Recycling and Riverside Counselling


As we prepare young people to understand their rights and navigate social and legal services, interaction with economic institutions and manage their affairs, we have begun work to establish a platform for them to be heard.  We do this by building relationships and partnering with local government, councils, pressure and voluntary groups, to ensure that our young people are fully represented.