Membership Costs (as of January 2019)

You can choose the membership tier that suits you best based on the amount of food you think you will need. Cut your food costs by up to 90% by becoming a member. We will use your payment from the membership tier of your choice to keep our operation running:

MembershipWeekly Food VolumeCost per monthCost per year
TiersUp to
50 kg£92£1100
2100 kg£183£2200
3250 kg£275£3300
4500 kg£550£6600
5750 kg£825£9900


Membership Guidelines

Members who enter into a contract with us must not profit from any foods, or meals prepared from foods, supplied to them by FareShare.  Charges for this food may be to cover costs only. Food must not be exchanged or used in any other way. If you are eligible per the below guidelines for membership, you can arrange a visit by phoning us on 01235 510774, or you can fill in an Application form

  • Eligible organizations must be able to:
    • Demonstrate how the FareShare food will help to develop other aspects of their charitable endeavours. Savings on food budget will not be a good enough reason for membership.
    • Demonstrate compliance with the Food Safety Act (1990) and General Food Hygiene and Temperature Control Regulations (1995). FareShare will assess your compliance as part of the application process, and our food donors reserve the right to conduct on-site visits to inspect the standards of Food Safety.
    • Submit any inspection related documents and proof of registration as a food business with local Environmental Health Office (EHO). This is applicable to all entities that prepare and serve food. Please contact your local EHO to establish your liability.
    Organizations must ensure that:
    • All staff and volunteers have received appropriate training in accordance with the General Food Hygiene Regulations (1995) and any individuals preparing food must hold a Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety in Catering.
    • Meals prepared from food supplied by FareShare must only be consumed on the registered premises, and must not be handed out for consumption at a later time.

Mobile kitchens reach the most isolated of the local homeless community. Street services have enormous benefits in making the initial contact, without pressure, that can be the very beginning of the route off the street.  However, mobile kitchens also raise issues around food safety.  Mobile food services, like any other recipient project, must still meet all the required criteria, specifically:

  • Meals must be served at a ‘site’ as opposed to being parcelled and intended for later consumption
  • The vehicle must be suitably equipped to meet food safety requirements, particularly temperature control of foods, personal hygiene (hand wash facilities) and preventing physical contamination.
  • The FareShare depot must be clear of, and be satisfied with, premises to which food will be delivered and stored, where food will be prepared, and from where food will be served. Evidence of Environmental Health registration must be provided.
  • If you are a food bank, or you provide food parcels, FareShare can provide you with ambient (shelf-stable) food only. For further details, please contact the FareShare depot manager.
  • Projects distributing food parcels need not be registered with Environmental Health.
  • Collection Service: only ambient food can be collected by members
  1. FareShare reserves the right to reject applications on the grounds of funding arrangements. Our service is primarily aimed at organisations/projects that receive little or no support with food provision/funding. In some circumstances this may mean that organisations/projects can become a registered recipient of FareShare food, but that quantities of food will be limited.
  2. FareShare cannot guarantee any delivery. A high degree of flexibility is required to ensure that the partnership works effectively.


Edda, Hagbourne School

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you at SOFEA for the excellent service that you all provide us with. The whole setup is amazing and deserves to be recommended highly. The customer service you all play a part in is rare elsewhere and very impressive. It’s great to be able to pick up the phone and discuss ordering with you or anyone at the warehouse knowing that you will almost do your utmost to help me out.”

Nikki, Manager St. Thomas Day Nursery

“We just wanted to let you know how much we are benefiting from using your wonderful service. Everyone we have been in contact with at SOFEA, either from visiting the warehouse, talking on the telephone or receiving our deliveries has been really helpful, friendly and cheerful, it is truly delightful to be involved with your organisation.

Congratulations on such a worthwhile venture, I am delighted to be able to recommend you to others to use. Keep up the good work.”

Case Study: Rose Hill Junior Youth

When Community Worker Fran Gardner heard that children at Rose Hill Junior Youth Club were missing meals, she knew something had to be done. Many families in the local area are on low incomes and were struggling to make ends meet. So, in September 2014 Fran teamed up with FareShare. Since then FareShare Thames Valley has delivered surplus food to Rose Hill every Wednesday and Friday, which Fran and her team turn into home cooked meals for over 100 energetic children and their parents. 

“One child said to a play worker ‘I come because of the food, because there’s no food at home.’ There are high levels of food poverty on the local estate (Rose Hill). When we didn’t do this, some children were crying as they were so hungry. The donated food from FareShare is incredible – we couldn’t afford to buy it and feed that number of children otherwise. I think we must be saving about £9,000 a year on food.”