Are You Eligible?

  • Are you a not for profit organisation?
  • Do you feed vulnerable people?
  • Are you Inclusive?
  • Does your kitchen meet environmental health requirements?

Organisations or projects wishing to register to receive food from FareShare must meet the criteria specified below:

  • Organisations/projects must serve vulnerable and/or disadvantaged people
  • Organisations/projects must be registered as a food business with their local Environmental Health Office. This is applicable to all projects that prepare and serve food. Proof of this must be submitted with your application, along with any documentation relating to inspections that have occurred. We recommend that you contact your local EHO to establish your liability.
  • Organisations/projects must be able to demonstrate compliance with the Food Safety Act (1990) and General Food Hygiene and Temperature Control Regulations (1995). An assessment of this will be made by a FareShare representative following your application, and prior to any registration.
  • All staff and volunteers must have received instruction and appropriate training, in accordance with the General Food Hygiene Regulations (1995). Any supervisors or staff preparing foods must hold a Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety in Catering.
  • FareShare reserves the right to reject applications on the grounds of funding arrangements. The scheme is primarily aimed at organisations/projects that receive little or no support with food provision/funding. In some circumstances this may mean that organisations/projects can become a registered recipient of FareShare food, but that quantities of food will be limited. Recipient organisations must be not-for-profit, or registered charities.
  • Organisations/projects will be required to sign an agreement (contract). Compliance with all aspects of this is essential.
  • Organisations/projects must be aware that some of the FareShare food donors reserve the right to visit projects and inspect the standards of Food Safety.
  • Organisations/projects must not profit from any foods, or meals prepared from foods, supplied to them by FareShare.  Charges for this food may be to cover costs only. Food must not be exchanged or used in any other way.
  • Meals prepared from food supplied by FareShare must only be consumed on the registered premises, and must not be handed out for consumption at a later time.
  • Organisations /projects must be able to demonstrate how the FareShare food will help to develop other aspects of their project as a result of either collecting or receiving a subsidised fresh food delivery service. It will not be sufficient to state that savings will be made on the budget for food.
  • FareShare cannot guarantee any delivery. A high degree of flexibility is required to ensure that the partnership works effectively.

Mobile kitchens may be reaching the most isolated of the local homeless community. Street services have enormous benefits in making the initial contact, without pressure, that can be the very beginning of the route off the street.  However, mobile kitchens also raise issues around food safety.  Mobile food services, like any other recipient project, must still meet all the required criteria, specifically:

  • Meals must be served at a ‘site’ as opposed to being parcelled and intended for later consumption
  • The vehicle must be suitably equipped to meet food safety requirements, particularly temperature control of foods, personal hygiene (hand wash facilities) and preventing physical contamination
  • The FareShare depot must be clear of, and be satisfied with, premises to which food will be delivered and stored, where food will be prepared, and from where food will be served. Evidence of Environmental Health registration must be provided.

If you are a food bank, or you provide food parcels, FareShare can provide you with ambient food only. For further details, please contact the FareShare depot manager.

Projects distributing food parcels need not be registered with Environmental Health.

Food can be collected by members, but this will be ambient food only.

If you are eligible you can arrange a visit by phoning on 01235 510774  or fill in an Application form