Our employability programmes offer work experience opportunities in our warehouse to develop skills and build confidence, the addition of vocational training alongside an individual and personalised support plan to meet need, provides a comprehensive package to ensure each participant is able to gain skills and progress.

At SOFEA we have recognised that for many people entering or re-entering the labour market can be very challenging. We understand that the barriers people face are sometimes deep rooted psychological issues that need to be managed before progress into employment can be successful. We have the skills and expertise to provide and end to end service, our approach is to provide wellbeing and psychological support alongside access to work experience and skill building. Our partnership with health agencies and our internal expertise will ensure that the right support is available.

Employability Programme:

Eligibility: Age: 16+

How to Apply: You will need a referral from by contacting employability@sofea.uk.com or call 01235 510774 to discuss the support you need or for further information, SOFEA Didcot only.

Richard Kennell awarding certificate for warehouse experience

NEET Programme (Not in Education, Employment, or Training):

Eligibility: Age 16 – 18 and not in Education, Employment or Training

How to Apply: You will need to speak with your Job Centre Plus work coach. Positions available at SOFEA Milton Keynes only.

Personal Commitment: 2 days per week for 8 weeks

Role and Development: Working within our Warehouse Operation, meaningful work experience, making a difference to your local community, developing soft skills, being part of a team, support with wellbeing, CV writing, Assistance with applying for that all important next career move which could also be with SOFEA on an alternative scheme such as those listed above, if appropriate SOFEA can also look into various education programmes given our approach to learning, it may well be that our methods will assist individuals in achieving and obtaining academic qualifications like their Maths and English GCSE, One2One Support.

Young person learning how to drive a forklift truck

There are other employability programmes available through the SOFEA network and to discuss the programmes in more detail or to make a referral please contact us below.