Case Studies


Becky - Warehouse Assistant - Didcot Hours - Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 2:30pm

How did you come across SOFEA?

I moved to Didcot and was on Universal Credit I interviewed in April 2021 for a Job Centre Kickstart Position at SOFEA.

I was really interested when I went for my Interview at what SOFEA had to offer I was shocked but really happy when Richard called me to offer me a job.

What really helped you during your time at SOFEA?

I am dyslexic and I was worried that I would not be able to do the job as there are picking sheets in the Warehouse, the team was really patient with me and allowed me to ask a lot of questions. They worked with me to find a way that meant I could get the job done.

Wendy helped me discover alternative routes into healthcare and Caroline helped me find some useful online courses which helped me get the job I really wanted to do in the future. They both really helped me figure out my future and remove the barriers to work.

Where will you go after SOFEA?

I will be a Social Care Worker for disabled adults in Didcot. It will be an hours walk every day to and from work but I cannot wait to get started.

What is the best thing about SOFEA?

It feels like one big family, it seems that I have been here a lot longer than I actually have. They have said that the door is always open and that makes me feel good.

What would you say to other young people who are looking for employment?

Come to SOFEA! They really do help you get the future you want. You also get to be part of a much bigger cause it really feels like you are doing something good with your life.

Are you looking forward to the future?

I am both scared and excited to be moving on, but I feel OK about it as SOFEA has said that I can always be in touch.

I would love to come back and Volunteer once I have settled in my new job.