What is the Crankstart Scholarship?

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With a renewed focus on assisting interns from BAME and low-income communities, what sets the Crankstart Programme apart from other internships? Unveiled in 2020, Oxford University’s Crankstart Scholarship programme is designed to help UK resident students, with a household income of less than £27,500, to study at one of the country’s most prestigious universities. In conjunction with the educational opportunities, Crankstart Scholarships also include substantial bursary support, access to funded internships, the chance to assist in all manner of volunteering efforts as well as the ability to contribute to many social and community building projects.

Students looking to get a Crankstart Scholarship don’t need to apply to Oxford University. Instead, following a successful household income assessment carried out by their regional funding agency, Crankstart Scholarships are awarded to first year students on a rolling basis.

In terms of the financial support offered by the Crankstart Scholarships, the initiative is showing itself to be very generous. If a student’s household income is assessed to be £5,000 or less, they will be awarded an annual bursary of £5,000 to cover living and studying costs. If their household income is between £5,000 and £27,500, Crankstart Scholars will receive an annual bursary of £4,200. In addition, students in this programme will also get support in identifying relevant internships, complete with an internship bursary of up to £2,500. Students who have experienced the care system or are part of an estranged family are eligible for additional financial support, up to a maximum annual bursary of £7,200.

Crankstart Scholars are also eligible for extra financial assistance depending on how far they live from the university. If a student lives more than 80 miles from Oxford, the Oxford Travel Supplement can help low income students cover the travel costs incurred. Also, if a Crankstart Scholar suffers a funding shortfall on their course, they can apply to the Oxford Student Support Fund to alleviate the situation.

Outside the array of financial support, the Crankstart Scholarships offer an assortment of non-monetary assistance. The programme’s Careers Service makes career mentors available to students looking to develop their future professional paths. While taking up an internship is not a mandatory aspect of the Scholarship, students can apply for a bursary of up to £2,500 to help support themselves during their internship.

SOFEA aims to connect businesses with interns through the work they do with disadvantaged youngsters.
SOFEA aims to connect businesses with interns through the work they do with disadvantaged youngsters.

One requirement asked of Crankstart Scholarship recipients is to complete 25 hours of volunteering work. This can take the form of activities designed to encourage more students to attend Oxford University, or by taking part in projects that benefit the local community. For more information of the latter, Oxford Hub provides plenty of information on volunteering initiatives both in and around Oxford, as well as the student’s local area.

Since its inception, the Crankstart Scholarship has supported over a thousand scholars; with new scholars encouraged to meet and greet those who came before them at a series of formal and informal events that run throughout the year, such as the Welcome Reception and Scholars Ball.


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