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With a number of new Community Larders opening across Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of what has been going on.

An individual membership has a one off joining fee of £10.00 and then there is £14.00 per month Direct Debit thereafter.

A Family Membership has a one off joining fee of £10.00 and then is £28.00 per month thereafter.

The Direct Debit takes 2 weeks to come out of your Bank Account but you can visit the Larder straight away. If you visit and decide that you do not wish to attend then you simply cancel your Direct Debit.

What do you get?

You have access to Surplus Food so each week the offering is slightly different.

It is all about the savings you can make on a food shop. The Community Larder is also about belonging to somewhere, it is a membership and as well as food and wrap around around services you get to belong to something and you can not put a price on that!

Family Membership Saving
Picture courtesy of Didcot Community Larder
Individual Membership saving
Picture courtesy of Coffee Hall Community Larder

You do not have to take the full amount of your membership entitlement but as you can see from the images above you would not need to take it all to make significant savings.

What is a wrap around service?

Wrap around services are additional benefits included in your Community Larder Membership.

Each Larder has different wrap around services available it all depends on the area which you are in as some services are relevant for certain demographics. SOFEA work with the Larder Partners to understand what is needed in your area and form the long term relationships and bring these services to your larder.

These can include Social Prescribing, Savings on energy bills, debt advice, loan shark awareness and digital inclusion there are many many more.

Bite Back Week comes to Milton Keynes
Bite Back Week will visit some of the Community Larders in the Milton Keynes Area
All yours and the Community Larder
All Yours supports some of the Community Larders in Oxfordshire

The Larder’s themselves also broker local business discounts. These discounts tend to be for Larder members only they could include Gym Memberships, garden centre’s and so on, again these may well be specific to the area you live in.

Enrich Beauty Business Discount for Community Larder Members
One example of a business discount from Enrich Beauty
Who can join?

The Community Larder scheme is not means tested which means anybody can join.

It is a simple sign up process which you can do by clicking here

All you have to do is tell us a few details about yourselves, select which membership you would like and then add your direct debit details. Then you are off and shopping.

So why do people join?

The reasons are different for everyone.

Some people join as it gets them out once a week where they can go and just see some friendly faces, some Community Larders have somewhere you can sit and have a Coffee and a Chat. Some people join just to save money on their food bills.

Access to wrap around services. To help reduce Food Waste.

There are people who join the Community Larder to support SOFEA.

Who runs the Community Larders?

This is interesting…….

The Community Larder Partners, such as Parish Councils, Faith Groups, Community Groups, Family Centers sign up to the scheme, they are often supported by a dedication team of volunteers. The food distribution is run by SOFEA

SOFEA employs young adults usually between the ages of 16 – 24 and they will be on a scheme such as KickStart these youngsters are the ones who order, pick, pack and in some cases deliver the food to each larder every week.

So by joining your larder you contribute to so much more. You help the environment by doing your bit to reduce food waste. You keep vulnerable young adults in employment. These youngsters learn and develop the skills they need to eventually find Full Time employment.

The list goes on but why not join have the free 2 weeks and just see if it is for you?


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