Milton Keynes Mayor Mohammed Khan visits SOFEA

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On December 6th, SOFEA’s Milton Keynes site was paid a visit by the Mayor, Mohammed Khan. Following previous visits to SOFEA, Mayor Khan explained why he enjoys returning.

“The demand has gone up since my last visit, there’s more students coming in here, it just shows that young people need support and help and I’m grateful to all our volunteers giving up their time, coming in, and helping those young people.”

Reflecting on his previous visits to SOFEA sites, Mayor Khan spoke in glowing terms.

“It’s fantastic and I just wanted to say that on behalf of everyone at Milton Keynes, we’re proud of you guys, you’re doing a great job. Helping our young people with their aspirations, getting a job and moving on with the next part of their life. It must be a difficult job, not everyone can do it. But you guys are great, you’re putting your time and effort in there, thank you for doing that.”

On this particular visit, Mayor Khan assisted the warehouse staff in completing a pick list for King’s Church in Milton Keynes, known for it’s missionary work in Ghana, which has partnered with SOFEA to assist in alleviating food poverty.

While he worked along side SOFEA’s youngsters, Mayor Khan explained his passion for volunteering.

“I enjoy working with volunteers, the role of Mayor is a volunteer role and it’s an absolute pleasure to be here working with the young people.”

“I know it’s Christmas around the corner, I’m getting busy but I’d love to come around and work with the volunteers again.”

If you would like to come and volunteer with SOFEA at either our Didcot or Milton Keynes site, then please click here to contact us.

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  1. Tracy Pearson says:

    I don’t like paid a visit, sounds like money changed hands. Loving the page itself 🙂

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