Our mission

To enable people to transform their lives, and their communities, with a major focus on young people.

SOFEA is focused on people and we have lots of tools in the box, we enable people to fulfil their potential through:

  • Work – employability, skill building, work experience, volunteering, employment through social enterprises
  • Wellbeing – food, social prescribing, mental health support, coaching, mentoring, behavioural change, sport, social interaction
  • Study – Maths and English, broader curriculum
  • Purpose projects FareShare food redistribution, Community Larder, Getting Oxfordshire Online, Horticulture, Bicycles, Sport, Cooking

Our Values

  • We treat ALL members of our Community with equal compassion and respect, accepting them as they are and embracing one another’s uniqueness. This will make us stronger more innovate and successful.
  • We believe in the restorative benefits of education, work and social justice.
  • We refuse to accept any limitation on what people might achieve.

Why us?

Too many 14–24 year olds are disengaged with mainstream education. They fall out of it and leave with no qualifications and very few skills. At the same time, too many people rely on food donations when there’s a large amount of food surplus in the supply chain.

We saw a way of connecting the two problems, so we could address them both.

For an overview of SOFEA you can download a PDF by clicking here

How does SOFEA support young people?


Maths and English to GCSE level. An accredited programme of employability skills and qualifications in personal development, employability and warehousing and logistics. SOFEA’s personalised programmes equip our young people with the qualifications they didn’t get the first time round, and skills for the future.


We broaden horizons. We provide therapeutic support. We foster behavioural change. From emotional and relationship management to outdoor survival skills, fitness activities to practical support on things like personal finance, career planning and cooking, we help build resilience for life.


Our purpose projects give young people access to practical skills training and real work experience. They’ll develop specific skills like forklift truck driving and inventory management. And we’ll teach the general employability skills (self-management, teamwork and communication) that can help in any role. Some even go on to work permanently with us. Every job they do with us benefits the community – and we pay the Oxford Living Wage.

How you can help

Every year, we support more young people and local communities. You can help too. Volunteer with us or find out how your financial donation could make a world of difference.

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