Access to quality food and education are basic human rights. The mission of our charitable organization is to see that these rights are met for vulnerable individuals and communities.

Our educational programmes are aimed at uplifting local people disadvantaged in the labour market.  We teach the employability skills of self-management, team work and communication, on top of an accredited programme of essentials such as Maths and English, which are available at GCSE level.

Our food-related services are where, in partnership with FareShare, we rescue and re-distribute hundreds of tonnes of food surplus each year to charities throughout the Thames Valley region, supporting families in need while reducing food waste.

Transforming lives
We upskill and uplift young people across three key areas:

  • Study: traditional academic subjects and beyond
  • Work: skills and experiences to prepare them for the work force
  • Wellbeing: general wellness and personal growth including a focus on behaviours to boost self-esteem and emotional intelligence

Transforming communities
The young people we work with are able to make the transition from a position of need, to one of being able to contribute.  Our approach empowers them to go on to support the communities in which they are expected to thrive. This is a great source of pride for us and for the individuals making this life-changing shift. We help them do this by:

  • Providing employment opportunities directly within our organization
  • Supplying the workforce with capable individuals we have trained
  • Working through our own recruitment service “Outside Inspired” to help employers to identify and place people in the most appropriate positions
  • Redistributing food to 150 other charities, helping to feed those in need while reducing food waste to protect the planet

Many young people who find their way to us have been affected by circumstances which have left them at a disadvantage. Aged 14-24, their common issues include:

  • Physical and/or mental illness
  • Learning disabilities and special needs
  • Family breakdown and associated emotional fallout
  • Experience of the care system
  • Bereavement / general disengagement/ disillusionment
  • Involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Issues with drugs and alcohol
  • Lack of support / lack of role models

The standard school curriculum often moves at a pace which leaves some young people unable to keep up and lost. Often, later, faced with engaging society, their struggle worsens. They find themselves unprepared for work, unable to relate socially, and without the qualifications or motivation for further study

This is where we intervene to transform their experience, through what we call the Trainee Trifecta: an integrated focus on study, wellbeing and work.

We are proud of this unique, collaborative journey between our trainees, staff and volunteers of the organisation.

This structure comes to life through a collective contribution of training and support, where hierarchy is secondary to our focus on affecting change.

Team of experts, staff and volunteers – Click here to meet the team
Our core team of 10 experts in education, skill development, attachment disorders, substance abuse and coaching base their work on a comprehensive understanding of human behaviour and the science of the brain.

Our extended team of talent includes 45 staff, 120 trainees and 20 volunteers across all areas of our work, including support for our education and food programmes and management and operation of our facilities.