Based in Didcot, we serve our community in three ways:

  • Through a holistic education and training programme for local people disadvantaged in the labour market.
  • Through the redistribution of food to charities across the town, wider community and the wider Thames Valley region, which provides the main context for practical work skills.
  • By reducing food waste and making a contribution to the global environment.

South Oxfordshire Food and Education Alliance is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, which has developed from our experience in the education and youth sector.

Our combination of academic, practical and therapeutic (head, hand and heart) support is unusual and highly effective.

Our values:

We are committed to supporting people to make a deep connection with themselves and their community. We do this by treating all members of our community with equal compassion and respect and accepting them as they are. As much as we completely accept people as they are, we refuse to accept any limitation on what they might achieve. We believe in the restorative benefits of education, work and social justice to support people’s innate resilience to achieve growth and their potential as human beings.

Our aims are to:

  • Feed young people with skills and self esteem
  • Feed the workforce with skilled and trained people
  • Feed the most vulnerable members of the community

We will do this by:

  • Always supporting people disadvantaged in the labour market (back) in to work by breaking down barriers and allowing individuals to develop their self‐worth and personal determination to succeed
  • Helping to reduce social costs by our determination and unflinching commitment to support at risk individuals to reengage
  • Assisting employers in our community to find cost effective ways to recruit the right workers
  • Helping to feed those in need in our community
  • Reducing the amount of food being wasted