We provide education, employability and wellbeing programmes for vulnerable youngsters. We tackle food insecurity and the disadvantage it causes while having a positive impact on the environment by reducing food waste.

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Young People

You’ve got this…

And we’ve got you.

Here’s the deal: give us a few months, and we’ll help you change your life for the better.

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Purpose Projects

Purpose Projects at SOFEA

We set out to give life-changing support to the young people in our communities.

Then we realised that they could help us do so much more.

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We can help you get back on your feet

Get support by talking with our social prescribers. If you’re 18-25 our Mental Wealth Academy programme can help. We can help give you a better chance of employment through our employability programmes

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Please help us transform lives

You’re committed to helping young people thrive. You’re eager to make a difference in the community. Support SOFEA and you do both.

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It takes a lot to keep our larders well-stocked and our customers well served. Every one of our volunteers makes an enormous difference. Could you join them?

Food for community organisations

Get food from us

If you are a community organization that includes food in your service, talk to us about getting food and reducing your bill.

Community Larders

More than food in your community

Join one of our community larders and get friendship, support and food from us.

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