SOFEA – Fareshare Partnership

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 SOFEA is now officially in partnership with  FareShare!

FareShare is a national charity that rescues good food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributes it to over 1,200 frontline charities across the UK. It currently operates from 17 regional centres,which receive surplus food supplied by supermarkets and other food providers and producers. The food is of top quality and in-date, but has become surplus for a variety of reasons such over-ordering, labelling errors or short shelf life. This food is sorted by volunteers and then sent on to local charities.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is the same business model as SOFEA. Food in our warehouse is sorted by trainees, rather than by volunteers, who we train to assist them in finding work and succeeding in the job market. Similarly, FareShare offers volunteers training opportunities and qualifications that can help them secure employment.  

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This agreement with FareShare is important for us at SOFEA; not only will we benefit from their immense experience, their wealth of resources and their network of contacts; we will also be able to work more efficiently with a well-respected national partner. We will be the FareShare Thames Valley regional centre, serving the area around Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. 

For more information, visit the FareShare website at where you can learn all about their values and the fantastic work they do across the whole of Britain!

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