Current Partners

Current Partners

We have a number of organisations that we work with. Below is a list of them.

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SOFEA is now officially in partnership with FareShare!. FareShare is a national charity that rescues good food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributes it to over 1,200 frontline charities across the UK. It currently operates from 17 regional centres,which receive surplus food supplied by supermarkets and other food providers and producers. The food is of top quality and in-date, but has become surplus for a variety of reasons such over-ordering, labelling errors or short shelf life. This food is sorted by volunteers and then sent on to local charities.

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SOFEA is working in partnership with Activate this year, delivering training for more than 50 young people in Oxfordshire on their behalf.

Activate Learning is a pioneering education group which is growing to meet opportunities in the education market.

From a single FE college, they have evolved into an international group including secondaryfurther and higher education, apprenticeship and workforce training, consultancy, commercial business and social enterprise.

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The apprenticeships that we provide are through Oxfordshire Apprenticeships.




The Shaw Trust has provided us with 10 members of staff.


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Didcot Rotary is a voluntary service organisation of men and women of ordinary people doing extraordinary things helping communities to help themselves. Rotary clubs are based within local communities, with their members meeting on a regular basis to enjoy friendship, networking, and to plan projects that will benefit the lives of others. Rotary is a worldwide network of inspired men and women who translate their passions into relevant social causes, to change
lives in communities.

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The Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), works with businesses, academia and the public sector OxLEP to drive economic development across the county. Their vision is to strengthen Oxfordshire’s position as a vibrant, sustainable, inclusive, world leading economy, driven by innovation, enterprise and research excellence. This is done through people, places, enterprise, and connectivity.

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Vale of White Horse District Council assists SOFEA in making essential community connections so that we may help meet the needs of local people in need.

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Skills training at SOFEA is covered by the OSB.


OCC assists SOFEA in making essential community connections so that we may help meet the needs of local people in need.


DTC assists SOFEA in making essential community connections so that we may help meet the needs of local people in need.

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ACL is now the new national brand of social enterprise engineered by Kevin Hall, a social entrepreneur in Australia, and has been developed after 4 years in the social enterprise network. ACL is currently researching development of sites in NSW and WA, Australia and is creating new partnerships with providers in Australia and UK. ACL purpose is to help Secondbite feed the local community with 24,000 weekly meals and educate 200 local community members with skills that lead to local employment. ACL’s vision is to collaborate and support all local food agencies to create necessary distribution of essential food items that tackle food insecurity, as well as drive down obesity and other food related illnesses. ACL’s return to work programs have partnered locally with key industry leaders to provide practical training that supports ongoing work outcomes.