Impact and Testimonials for Partners

Impact and Testimonials for Partners

“He absolutely loves it here. He’s telling everyone about it” – Parent

If we did not exist, then over the last ten months the following would not have happened:

  • 27 young people completing a level 2 qualification in warehousing and storage
  • 12 young people completing a level 1 qualification in employability
  • 35 young people progressing at least one level in their Maths and/or English
  • 25 young people gaining a forklift licence
  • 120 tonnes of food redistributed
  • 30 charities receiving food
  • 12 local businesses working with our Futures Placed recruitment service
  • 20 people progressing to full time employment
  • 7 progressing to Further Education or Higher Education
  • 12 new employees at SOFEA, including 1 apprentice and 10 with disabilities
  • Many case studies of young people demonstrating the impact of the programme on them and their families.

Testimonials from our trainees and their parents

“I need to continue here because you keep me out of trouble. I’m calmer and my attitude has changed” – Chris

“I’m continuing here because I need to do my English” – Sean

“I’m continuing here because I will gain a free forklift license” – Josh

“I feel more positive and not as depressed I am happier then I was when I moved down south” – Ed

“This has been helpful to me as I have passed my Maths and English” – Kayleigh

“I enjoy working here” – Hamza

“I keep waiting for someone to be say bad things at me, looking over my shoulder but it doesn’t happen here” – Anon

“I have never been to a place before where there are so may people wanting to help you” – Charlie

“This is the perfect place for Adam” – Dom from Mencap

“We though the place had a great atmosphere. I found it so inspiring and uplifting, talking and listening to you. we could do with more people like you out there” Sue Darlington – Parent Carer Voice

“You are doing an amazing we need more places like you” – Parent

“I think it’s fantastic. You put so much into everyone that comes here” – Angie Herron

“Our meeting at SOFEA was inspirational. It was a pleasure to hear Kaz speak about what you do.” – Mike Claveon

“It seems really calm and lovely here”- Susie from 180

“It is a very caring atmosphere” – The Porch