Drug Prevention Programme

Drug Prevention Programme

Drug Awareness in Schools

SOFEA are leading the way forward with ground breaking initiatives tackling the difficult subject of substance misuse with young people.

SOFEA can supply drug prevention programmes in various settings including pupil referral units, young offenders’ institutions and alternative curriculum units within mainstream schools. In addition to this we also facilitate complete school multi-component drug prevention programmes. These can be tailored to complement existing educational programmes.

Below is an example of one of the programmes available.

  • Input 1: An ex-users Life story. The idea behind life stories is so young people can gain an understanding of where substance misuse can lead.
  • Input 2: Structured drugs education. Knowing and identifying drugs, and understanding the physical and psychological dangers associated with substance misuse.
  • Input 3: Debate. An interactive discussion on why people experiment with drugs.
  • Input 4: Cannabis and Alcohol. An in depth focus on two of the most commonly used substances.

The idea behind these programmes is three fold –

  1. To reinforce the notion that those who have already made the decision not to use drugs that they have made the correct decision.
  2. To stop or at the very least delay the onset of experimental drug use.
  3. For young people who are already experimenting with drugs to give them a clear understanding of where it may lead.


Kaz Ghalmi: Senior Substance Misuse Trainer:

Kaz has been working in the substance misuse field for fifteen years in various settings such as Young offenders’ institutions, direct access hostels for young people, care homes, secure units, and schools. He has trained Thames Valley Police officers, substance misuse workers, run therapeutic groups for young people, provided a one to one service and delivered workshops and lectures on substance misuse and diversity.

His main focus and passion is working with young people who have been excluded from mainstream education or who are a part of the alternative curriculum within schools.

Currently Kaz works with young people here at SOFEA. He supports them throughout their programmes using his unique holistic, therapeutic approach.

Kaz has had personal experience with substance misuse which brings an extra dimension to his workshops.



 “I have learnt more in three hours than I have learnt in fifteen years on the job.” CID officer Thames Valley Police

“Last year you came and spoke to our students about Drugs awareness from your own personal experience. It was an outstandingly refreshing perspective on drugs education and I was wondering if we could book you again for our new AS students.” Josette O’Donnell, Programme Manager Access, A Levels and Applied Science