Fundraising and Partners

SOFEA is unique in the UK for its combination of three separate but inextricably linked processes which provide benefits to a wide range of local groups:

  • SOFEA receives oversupplied food donated by supermarkets which would otherwise end up in landfill
  • The food is distributed to local charities and non-profit organisations which use the food to support the work they do with vulnerable groups in the community
  • The food side of the operation is run according to the Fareshare model; Fareshare is a national charity with 17 branches, which distributes food in the manner described above according to strict quality standards, and the organisation will help with the initial set-up and running of SOFEA
  • The thing that makes SOFEA different from Fareshare, though, is the warehouse, where food is sorted by trainees who face challenges in getting long-term employment, whether resulting from learning difficulties, disengagement from mainstream education, or mental health problems
  • Trainees work towards accredited qualifications, and gain skills relevant in the logistics industry, which is expanding in the area
  • At the end of the programme, trainees should be ready to gain employment in the logistics industry – many of these would traditionally be highly unlikely to meet the requirements of traditional recruitment pathways, but will nonetheless possess the requisite skills, which their work in the SOFEA warehouse will allow them to demonstrate to local employers
  • In helping SOFEA, you will be helping the environment, providing support for vulnerable groups, and giving people with very limited opportunities the chance to develop and contribute to society

How you can help:

  • Food Industry Members: we are looking to build relationships with supermarket warehouses which can provide food
  • Other Businesses: Any form of investment or sponsorship is welcome, including donations in kind

Please note we cannot accept food from private donors, but gifts of money or in kind are very welcome

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