Recipe Ideas For CFM’s

SOFEA receives a wide variation of food from FareShare. Our Community Food Member charities can choose which foods they receive from our lists. We have partnered with local food blogger Lexie James-Priday to help you get creative with the food you receive. Lexie takes surplus food from our warehouse and cooks up delicious recipe ideas, which are posted on her website Cook, Eat, Laugh, Repeat

Sticky chicken wings with fiery bean chilli


Ingredients About 1.1kg of fresh chicken wings (just a regular size pack from a supermarket, or ask your butcher for about 12 chicken wings) Marinade: Any mildly spicy chicken rub – or make your own up using your… Read More

Thai Style Salmon and Noodles


With a spring in my step after last weeks very first SOFEA meal challenge I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into this weeks challenge. Without wanting to sound over dramatic I do get these mixed feelings of… Read More

Honey and Allspice Ribs with Root Veg Mash and Crispy Onions


Ingredients Pork Ribs – about a 700g pack Marinade: 2 tbsp honey 1 tbsp dark soy sauce 1 tsp fresh minced ginger – I just use a hand grater with a fine grate 2 tsp easy garlic as… Read More

Pork Patties with Low fat Gluten free Lime and Coriander Falafel Cakes


The key item that I picked up was chickpeas, they’re one of my all time favourite legumes and are used in so many different cuisines – Italian, Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Portuguese, and I’m sure the list… Read More

Ham and Lentil Summer Stew


This weeks SOFEA meal challenge dish is courtesy of a great big slab of meat! But as I always remind you my dishes are equally happy without the meat, lentils can stand alone so just do away with… Read More

Fresh Tomato Fusilli with Pesto Chicken


This dish just screams summer and what a welcome into summer we’ve had this week in the UK, Oxford has been basking in sunshine and fingers crossed it will stay this way for my friends wedding this week…. Read More

Rosemary Beef Burgers, curry parsnip ‘fries’ and parsnip crisps.

      I used to be hit by a wall of cheese at SOFEA HQ but last week it was parsnips. Now I tend to think warming winter soups or homely roast dinners when I get my hands… Read More

Brown Rice and Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry and Brown Rice

This months SOFEA meal challenge dish is a comforting yet slightly tart Brown Rice and Vegetable curry, the reason for the title is because I like to mix brown rice into my curries as I often feel that… Read More